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Archive for the ‘SD Watch’ Category

Consider Flowers for Mother’s Day from 1800flowers

Posted by tdepp on April 18, 2009

What is it that women crave?

No, guys, get your mind out of the gutter.  Women crave flowers.  Want to brighten the life of the special woman in your life, then get her flowers.

And mom is no exception.  Purchase flowers for Mother’s Day if you want to make mom happy.

And don’t forget your wife if she is a young or new mother.  The children might not be able to make the call, go to the store, or go on the internet to get flowers for Mother’s Day.

And as May and Mother’s Day approaches, don’t forget that 1800flowers can provide that special lady who puts up with you and your dirty laundry instant beauty.  I’ve used 1800flowers and have always been satisfied with the price, service, and quality.

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Yes Indeed, Happiness Is Pets!

Posted by tdepp on March 31, 2009

I think happiness is pets.

I have seldom been without a dog during my life.  Sometimes I’ve had multiple dogs–happiness is pets to me, but not necessarily to my better half. 😉

There are some recent studies that show that pets reflect the personalities of their owners, particularly dogs.  Happiness is pets for humans but sometimes the reverse is not true for the pets. Pet owners are not necessarily happiness for pets.  If the owner is neurotic, the pet will likely also be neurotic.

I hope my dogs haven’t picked up my quirks, or at least not too many of them.  I will say that every dog I’ve ever owned has had its own unique personality.  Some were grumpy, some were mean, some were happy, some were hyper, and some were mellow.  Kind of like people.

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Really Check Out Andrew Wilshire

Posted by tdepp on March 30, 2009

Before you invest in precious metals, you might want to learn about Andrew Wilshire.

Andrew Wilshire says he’s an expert on precious metals and gemstones.  It certainly seems like he has some interesting experiences that includes familiarity with certain important federal officials.

Obviously, before you invest any money on anything else in this down market with Andrew Wilshire or anyone else, you should make sure you do your due diligence.

As we learned from Bernie Maddoff, there are many people out there who claim to know how to make you lots of money.

So, check out Andrew Wilshire.  I mean really check him out before investing.

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Dr. Joel Roskind–Making People More Attractive–And Safe–At The Same Time

Posted by tdepp on March 30, 2009

We’ve all thought about plastic surgery.

From the beauties on the supermarket magazines to a look in the mirror at our own crooked nose, most of us have given at least some thought to a nip or a tuck.

For nearly three decades, Dr. Joel Roskind has been making people more beautiful through plastic surgery.

His practice has primarily been in the areas of enhancing facial and body image, including breast surgery, liposculpture, and laser surgery.

But after retiring after his successful career, Dr. Joel Roskind has gone on to make sure that beauty doesn’t come at a steep price.  He is also one of the founders of inspecting and certifying ambulatory surgical units (same day surgery facilities) so they are safe and meet the highest medical standards.  Ambulatory surgical units are where more and more procedures are being done by doctors like Dr. Joel Roskind.

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Need Tax Help? Consider American Tax Relief

Posted by tdepp on March 30, 2009

April 15th–Tax Day–is approaching.

Paying current taxes is tough enough.  But what about back taxes?

That’s were American Tax Relief might help.

Owing money to the IRS is like owing money to the mob.  The IRS might be nicer but they’re going to get their money-unless you’ve got a helper like American Tax Relief.

American Tax Relief is an expert on handling back taxes.  They can help on things like tax garnishments, tax liens, and tax levies.

Maybe you’ll never need American Tax Relief.  But isn’t it good to know they’re there if you need them if you run afoul of your Uncle Sam?

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