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Archive for the ‘Kansas City’ Category

Tony’s Kansas City Nails Why Newspapers Are Dying

Posted by tdepp on January 8, 2009

While it might be helpful to have some familiarity with Kansas City to read Tony’s Kansas City, it’s not a requirement.  (Heck, if you simply like photos of half naked women, you’ll love TKC! 😉

TKC is funny, witty, snarky, and, more importantly, often breaking important Kansas City related stories that the MSM neglects or just won’t report.  TKC is on the pulse of KC.  TKC is a truth teller.  A smartass truth teller, but a truth teller nonetheless.

TKC is one of my blogging heroes.  Seriously. 

And as he likes to say, “Anyhoo…” 

Today, TKC has an outstanding analysis of why newspapers and print publications are dying a slow death in the Kansas City metro area.  It could be written about newspapers across the country. 

My favorite blurb:

Printing the news on sheets of paper and then hiring an army of trucks to take the news across the City in the middle of the night is just a bad idea. Sadly, there just isn’t as much money in Internet publishing to support the hundreds of employees it currently requires to produce and distribute Kansas City’s paper-of-record. The current recession/depression isn’t helping things either . . . Online, The Star barely makes enough revenue to pay Jason Whitlock and marketers just don’t trust banner ads despite better data on customer behavior.

TKC observes that TV stations have had an easier time with the Web than newspapers since they don’t start out having to be as indepth to begin with.  Plus, while some (including me at times) bemoaning the dearth of foreign news in newspaper, frankly, most people don’t care.  I guess that’s why God (or Ted Turner) made CNN.

I don’t think many newspapers can be saved, no matter how much we might want to try (or they try).  It’s an online world, baby.  Even my 75 year old father Rodney has an iPhone to read the news and check his stocks.  If Rodney the retiree can adapt to all these changes, why can’t the MSM?

Thanks Tony for an excellent article!


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Forbes: Nothing But The Dead and Dying In My Little Town, Grandview, MO

Posted by tdepp on January 8, 2009


Forbes has named Grandview, MO, south of Kansas City, as the eighth fastest dying town in America.

An excerpt:

Poverty has doubled while incomes have remained flat, and have fallen when adjusted for inflation.

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“Griller,” with Apologies to Michael Jackson and “Thriller”

Posted by tdepp on January 6, 2009

https://i0.wp.com/www.mp3lyrics.org/m/michael-jackson/michael-jackson_10.JpgRipped from the headlines (ok, the Star’s Prime Buzz) and set to a classic MTV video–Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”:

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A Shout Out to Newspaper Death Watch

Posted by tdepp on January 5, 2009

If you aren’t following Newspaper Death Watch and you care about newspapers and journalism, you should be.

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Call Me Crazy, But Tyler Thigpen Is My Main Man!

Posted by tdepp on December 28, 2008

Kansas City Chiefs QB Tyler Thigpen may or may not be the Chiefs’ long-term answer at quarterback.  But from a fantasy football aspect, he’s been a great find.

Since he can run and throw, his fantasy numbers are almost always excellent.  When I haven’t started him this season, I’ve regretted it.

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