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Nemesis v. Enemy–Some Lund Thoughts

Posted by tdepp on January 13, 2009

Unfortunately, my blogosphere spat with “retired” KELOLAND anchor Doug Lund has hit the Main Stream Media.  The Rapid City Journal’s The Fives today picks up on Pat Powers’ coverage on SD War College from yesterday of Doug’s attempt at Randell Beckian “humor.”

Basically, Lund made up a bunch of crap that he thinks South DaCola’s Scott Ehrisman and I would say to each other.  It was childish, untrue, and without any real news peg.  I had responded on Lund’s blog on KELOLAND about his pesonal attack.  Scott responded with both barrels on his blog at Lund.  Frankly, I was trying to handle my further concerns about this through private means.  But of course, in cyberspace, there is no such thing as “private.”

Which led me to think about something I had read some time ago about having an enemy and having a nemesis.

Your enemy hates you and would step on your neck.  Your nemesis competes with you and might even try to screw you over, but when push comes to shove, they’ll help you out in a pinch.

I’d consider Steve “Sibby” Sibson at Sibby Online a nemesis.  He gives me hell on a fairly regular basis.  Sometimes I think what he writes about me is very mean and sometimes just plain kooky.  And sometimes I’ll let Steve have it back.  But I wish Steve no ill will and I think he wishes me none.  We just have different world views.  And we’re kind of like a couple of teenagers who like to tease each other, sometimes past the point of what is really polite.

In fact, I think we actually kind of like each other.  Steve and I hunted together in 2007 at Nic Nemec’s place near Holabird and had a great time together.  We’ve met at other times and had pleasant conversations.  I know if I were stranded by the side of the road, I know he’d help me.  And I’d do the same for him.

With Lund, unfortunately, I’m afraid I’d have to place him in the enemy category.  He seems full of hate and anger towards me.  I’m not sure where it comes from.  I was never wild about his skills as an anchor or journalist but my own view of Lund never really rose to dislike.  More like, not caring.  Lund was just there then he was sort of gone.  Obviously, the feeling is not mutual for Lund.   He has some sort of jones for the Toddmeister.  Go figure.  I’m not all that damn interesting or powerful.

And admittedly, I am not without sin. I’ve sometimes gone too far, been too bitter, and written without mindfulness and proportion in my own blogging toward others.  Like Lund, I’m not perfect either.  But I am working on it.

So, Doug, no rant back at you.  I simply feel sorry for you that you are so full of vitriol. I hope you find some peace in your life.  Namaste.  


One Response to “Nemesis v. Enemy–Some Lund Thoughts”

  1. Ryan said

    I don’t get you Todd. If you don’t care, wish no ill will or feel sorry for someone then why continue to say things (“I was never wild about his skills as an anchor or journalist but my own view of Lund never really rose to dislike. More like, not caring. Lund was just there then he was sort of gone.”) about someone. Yes they are your opinions, but you try and act like you are the high and mighty trying to put an end to a feud which you keep fueling. Here’s an idea…shut up?!? If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything, opinion or not! I’m sure many feel the same way as you about Doug or about your attempts in the media, but there is no point in saying or putting it writing on the web (even worse). It’s childish. What you are saying about him is disrespectful as is his attempt at humor with his blog, but there comes a time where you…LET IT GO and move on. While you want to pretend this blog does that it doesn’t. It only continues it. I love how everyone thinks that tv media are just talking heads. People, in EVERY profession there are those who are intelligent and good at what they do and those that just think they are. I’m not a journalist or a democrat, but that doesn’t mean I’ll sit back and bash them with my opinions. I’m not in their shoes so I give them the benefit of the doubt. Please do the same Mr. Epp. Thank you for your time. Sorry, I started to rant a little!

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