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Newland: When Nothing Else Removes the Pain

Posted by tdepp on January 1, 2009

The following post is from Bob Newland, who is leading the charge to legalize medical marijuana with a bill in the 2009 South Dakota Legislature.


he writer of the following is a late-middle-aged forced retiree (on-the-job injury) who risks losing his entire medical coverage if he talks identifiably about relieving his pain with cannabis.

I want to convey a sense of the irony of situations wherein people are obtaining relief from pain with cannabis and are thereby threatening their medical coverage or their very employability. The adjunct in their lives that affords them the possibility of recovering from injuries or stress-related problems can cost them access to all professional help.

The element that allows them to even come to work can cost them their jobs.

I will be “debating” the Attorney General’s office, maybe Mr. Long himself, on this topic next Tuesday, Jan 6, on SD Public Radio’s Mid-Day show, 11-12 MT, 12-1 CT.


A sufferer writes:

What is the most pain you have ever experienced? Think back….

Child birth? Kicked in the groin? Migraine headache? Passing a kidney
stone? Root canal? Hit your head on the ice? Compared to some diseases
and chronic pain, these examples of pain are CHILD’S PLAY. Some would
trade their pain for any one of the aforementioned situations, because
they know, with time, they can be overcome with drugs, and with time,
they will all go away. Most of these things are treated with heavy duty
pain killers, some of which are narcotics. Fact is, all these
situations will get better with time.

What if they didn’t?  What if it lasted a month, a year, or how about
the rest of your life? Think about that……… the rest of your life.
Your birthday, at the beach, snowed in, holding your kids, sleeping,
even at the Dr’s office. Hard to imagine. THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

Now, think of this. There is a pain reliever so powerful that a lot of
doctors, pain relief specialists, nurses AND HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONS
have testified AND ENDORSED its proven effectiveness. It can often be
obtained free. You can grow it yourself! Governors, Senators, and
Legislators have fought for and made it become a lawful pain reliever
in 13 states with many more states including the GREAT STATE OF SOUTH
DAKOTA are working on making it become available for a select few
people.  It is medicinal marijuana. A simple herb that has been
ingested and smoked safely to relieve pain for hundreds of years.

Would you help someone stay out of jail/prison for trying to relieve
their own uncontrollable pain, if all you had to do was sign a piece of
paper? You can actually make many people’s lives better and more worth
living by just endorsing and/or voting to allow it’s use for a very,
very small group of people in our state.

Please look inside your heart. You can alleviate pain and soothe the
broken spirits of many people by just voting for this bill. Who knows,
some day you may be the one who gets one of these diseases or
conditions that are afflicted by chronic pain. Pain so overwhelming,
some people commit suicide because of the mind altering and all
consuming pain. We certainly hope not. BUT if you do…… it will ONLY
be available if a DOCTOR recommends it, and you stand up now for many
of your fellow law abiding citizens.



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