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SD Watch Readers Select Dakota Women as 2008 Non-MSM SD Political Blog

Posted by tdepp on December 30, 2008

Dakota Women has been selected by South Dakota Watch readers as the 2008 Non-MSM S.D. Political Blog.


DW defeated Voices Carry 107 to 82 votes.  There were 299 votes cast.

Here are the winners in the various categories.  It includes Readers’ Choice Winners and Editor’s Choice (my) Selectees.  I’ve limited the winners to only winning in one category in the Editor’s Choice categories.

Non-MSM S.D. Political Blog

Readers’ Choice:

Editor’s Choice:

Award of Merit:
South Dakota War College–Gossipy, snarky, and a source of breaking and exclusive political news, SDWC is everything a good political blog should be.  Even more than that, it has achieved something beyond mere blogdom–it is a community, with extremely lively and often insightful discussion in the comments.

Honorable Mention:
South Dakota Watch
–Yes, my own blog.  Often silly and goofy (What the hell is Dakota Pentameter?), it still breaks important political and media news and is fearless in pointing out hypocrisy, even in my own political party.

Best Lefty Blog:

Readers’ Choice:

Editor’s Choice:

Award of Merit:
Madville Times
–Erudite yet accessible, MT provides thoughtful analysis from a Left perspective as well as breaks stories on occassion.  It is passionate about the Madison area and about the power of blogging to change hearts and minds.

Honorable Mention:
South DaCola
–Graphic and visual in a wordy world, SD’s cartoons don’t always deliver but when they do, they are devastating and often iconic.  Portrayals of Gov. Mike Rounds, Sen. John Thune, and Mayor Dave Munson are usually spot on.

Honorable Mention:
–Outrageously funny at times with a laser beam placed on hypocrisy.  Plus, great logo of a chain-smoking, coffee swilling chimp.

Honorable Mention:
Northern Valley Beacon
–A blog that hates blogging and most bloggers, its anger and outrage about Rightwing oafishness channels the literary touches of its idol, George Orwell.

Best Righty Blog:

Readers’ Choice:

Editor’s Choice:

Award of Merit:
South Dakota Politics
–One of the granddaddies of the local blogosphere, it is often partisan but always thoughtful.  It is willing to conduct intelligent–versus mindless–debate with those who disagree with it.

Honorable Mention:

Dakota Voice–Prolific in postings, consistent in its pro-life, pro-conservative, and pro-America agenda, it is not afraid to reach across the political divide.

Best Women’s Run Blog:

Readers’ Choice:

Editor’s Choice:

Award of Merit:
Flying Tomato Farms
–I left it off the voting list as an oversight.  It may be the most practical of all the local political blogs as it is primarily about better gardening.  But sprinkled in with the tomatoes is a good dose of politics and even some arts.

Honorable Mention:
Hog House
–One of the few local blogs that actually and consistently provides independent reporting.  The only criticism I have is that I wish there were more posts more often.

Honorable Mention:
Blogging While Feminist
–Fearless and honest, it has recently turned the examination on itself with the author’s struggle with cancer.

Honorable Mention:
Dakota Women
–While I find many of the posts a little too shrill for my guyness, this rare successful joint blog is always thought provocative.  And they aren’t afraid to make us guys listen to our better angels.

Best New Blog:

Award of Merit:
–A Righty blog that is actually creative, it makes great use of snap shots such as “What I am thinking:”  Funny and thoughtful.

Honorable Mention:
The Dakota Day
–Best looking blog in the local blogosphere.  It also features intelligent, indepth writing.  Again, only criticism is I wish they posted more.

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Dakota Today
–One of the granddaddies of the Left, it is like a conversation at a small town cafe.  Loved the monitoring of the price of mayonaise in Winner!

Sibby Online
–The Ur blogger, SO can get tiresome in its name calling.  But when the Sibmeister goes to the library, the newspaper morgue, or otherwise gets his research groove on, he comes up with killer stuff about state government.

Minus Car Project
–Way ahead of its time on the importance of being green, MCP shows us how to live in better harmony with Mother Earth.

A Progressive on the Prairie
–Another of the original local blogs, this Lefty blog is always intelligent and literate.

If you are a winner and would like a badge for your site announcing your award, please email me at toddepp(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll send one to you.

To all the South Dakota political bloggers and citizen journalists who strive to report and comment on the issues that impact our state and communities, S.D. Watch salutes you!

Agree or disagree with me?  Discuss in the comments!


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